Laurier Instruments

The Laurier IBP Advantage

The tapered blade, unique to Laurier probes, provides superior flexibilty. The blade hugs the curve of the follicle, guiding the tip directly to the root area. The tip is rounded to prevent perforation of the follicle wall, "parking" the probe in the bottom of the follicle, right where it belongs. The insulation concentrates the epilator's energy at the exposed tip, efficiently destroying the follicle while protecting the surrounding tissue.

Laurier IBP - Standard Tip

Laurier Instruments IBP Probes for Electrolysis Hair Removal

The Laurier IBP with Standard Tip is the perfect permanent hair removal instrument. Each probe is meticulously handmade and expertly engineered to enable the most comfortable and effective insertions. A wide range of sizes ensures that you can always choose an IBP that is just right for the hair and skin to be treated.

Perfect insertions, perfect treatments, perfect results - every time.

Using the Laurier Insulated Bulbous Probe

Because of the intense concentration of the heat at the tip of the Probe during use, materials from the skin tend to adhere more so than you have been accustomed to with a bare needle or one whose insulation is transparent to RF current. This adherence is how you can tell that you are getting effective treatment. It indicates that sufficent heat has been applied at the follicle root to cause coagulation.

When using the Insulated Probe, coagulation does take place at the tip of the probe and adherence of material is unavoidable. It is, therefore, imperative that the Probe be cleaned often by pinching in a sterile cotton ball wet with sterile water, alcohol, or Zephiran Chloride solution. Unless this is done often the Probe will build up dried oil, etc, and become difficult to insert. The Laurier Insulated Bulbous probe may also be sterilized by dry heat or autoclave as required by CA and NJ law among others.