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Laurier IBP Sterilization Procedures

Laurier IBP in ProView Pouch

The Laurier Insulated Bulbous Probe is shipped individually packed and autoclave heat sterilized. They come sealed in a box containing twelve individual probes each packed in a ProView Plus sterile pouch with an indicator showing it has been autoclave heat sterilized.

Why Autoclave Sterilization?

Gamma sterilization is generally assumed to be adequate, but after researching the laws of the individual states, it does not satisfy all of them. Many require either dry heat or autoclave steam sterilization for an electrolysis needle or probe which is to be used on a patient, most notably California and New Jersey. Therefore autoclave sterilization, as used in hospitals and other medical facilities, was chosen to ensure strict compliance with the law.

As always, we at Laurier Instruments Inc. remain dedicated to providing the unmatched handmade quality our customers have come to expect over the years for patient comfort, satisfaction, and sucessful treatments.

About ProView Plus Sterile Pouches

ProView Plus pouches contain the highest quality medical-grade materials and adhere to dependable standards. They are designed to be easily opened by gloved hands and include features to promote aseptic transfer. For more information about ProView Plus pouches, visit Certol International.